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Debt Collection
amicable and Judicial

Collection of B2B accounts receivable in Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa, America

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    Judicial debt collection


    • Legal assessment of the case by our lawyer
    • Judicial recovery “all inclusive” (court, enforcement proceedings)
    • Legal assistance in filing credit claims (bankruptcy, liquidation, reorganization procedures)
    • Fast trial procedure
    • Various legal assistance (preliminary contract review, legal advice on future business, etc.)
    • Legal assistance in pre-trial recovery (preparation of amendments, additions, debt reports, payment schedule agreements, etc.)
    • Signing of debt obligations with debtors
    • Preparation of warnings from a lawyer (bankruptcy warning, pre-trial warning)


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      Advantages of our work on
      judicial debt collection

      • Free pre-checkFree pre-check
        Before offering a lawsuit, we do a free preliminary legal assessment of the case, and we carefully evaluate both the chances of winning the court and the chances that the debtor will actually return the money.
      • Checking the debtor's solvencyChecking the debtor's solvency
        The client may be asked to order a credit report on the debtor, which will help analyze all the necessary information about the current general and financial condition of the debtor in order to avoid wasting money on ineffective actions.
      • Fixed rateFixed rate
        Along with a thorough forensic examination of the case, the client is given a complete list of legal costs, including all possible costs during the procedure, so the client can make an informed decision and make sure that the total costs do not exceed the estimated amount.
      • Experience in international affairsExperience in international affairs
        IGK's legal team has solid experience in international affairs and knows all the ways to help foreign clients with their claims, as well as to avoid problems with documents, deadlines and necessary agreements.
      • Experience, Success and AccuracyExperience, Success and Accuracy
        We have extensive and successful experience in court cases. However, we take every new case seriously. We want to make sure that everything is done accurately, correctly and on time. We also make sure that our clients are properly informed about the progress of the case.

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